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Demon Haunted World?

Back in 1995, American scientist Carl Sagan predicted the sheer, utter madness that is going on now. He said to not explain science was nothing short of perverse. It is. The science is not being explained well in the Covid Crisis. Nor is fact-checked, evidence-based news getting out there about current events and disasters. Within […]

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The Succubus

When the succubus enters your dreams, there is no going back. Her vampire nature will change you until you are no longer human. If you resist, she will feed upon you until you are lifeless. Instead, let her take you, let her overwhelm you, let her reach your very soul. Let her feast on your […]

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The Feeding

Our kind, we feed… only what we need, no more. But to those that have wronged us, we feed like gluttons, leaving a lifeless shell. It is righteous and terribly wrong at the same time. But we are not wholly human and we take our vengeance raw. To those that have oppressed us, in a […]

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My Savings Grace

Forever lost in his darkness within the shadows of my mind he begins to play, lurking he takes his time gathering all that he will exploit in due time.  Such a well spoken gentleman he is, each word dripping from his lips is the sweet nectar that heals my wounds each one he exposed for […]