This is lockdown UK. Stuck under house arrest. The streets are empty. Save for the odd cop rabidly looking for people to book. The roads are pretty much deserted, though you’re seeing more cars now…

There’s nowhere to go save the supermarket, amidst the fearful wearing masks. People looking at you like you might be the Grim Reaper carrying Covid 19 to infect them with, and potentially kill them and their whole family and friends.

Well fuck them. Gullible monkey dog fools. The great believers in the official narrative. And believing that the government and financial elites care about you.

Bleating lambs going willing to the slaughter.

And those dumb asses think I might be the Grim Reaper! Or you! Or anybody!

Any stranger might be carrying deadly, terrifying Covid 19. Like the whole deal isn’t some kind of establishment scam, a trick to dupe you into conforming so they can usher some damn new world order upon us. Like it isn’t a con trick.

Well, there’s always been true believers.

And now they have their new Great Satan. An evil one you cannot see… well you couldn’t see the old Satan either but that didn’t stop them believing in him. So this unseen enemy lurks everywhere, even in the very air we breathe. It’s on every surface, even out in the countryside, lurking on the leaves of trees, the branches, the wild flowers.

It’s everywhere and it’s coming to KILL YOU.

Yeah right.

Well it’ll kill some people just like the flu does and other ailments.

Bottom line is: if the bullets got your name on it you’re fucked. That’s the game even if you pick up one of the flu viruses that do the rounds each year.

I mean we’d believe the official narrative if we believed our governments and the financial institutions. We would. It’s just they’ve always lied to us. So why would we believe these fuckers now?


Well only if you are a frightened sheep. And there’s a lotta them around right now. And they’re fucking dangerous too because they’ll shop you to the cops or the authorities without a second thought.

They are scum.

We should not feel sorry for them. They’ve always looked upon us with disdain and distrust. To them we are weird and a scary because we buck the systems and refuse to play by the rules. That’s just the way it is.

The white picket fence people don’t like us. And they like us even less now in the crazy world of Covid 19.

But what’s coming? What should we expect after the lockdowns? If they ever end, that is… What will the “new normal” be?

Well, the truth is, the new normal will unfold when it unfolds. We can’t predict a thing. Save perhaps an economic meltdown and four horsemen, clad in black, riding across the hills towards us, grinning maniacally as they trample people underfoot and decapitate them, swallowing their heads in one gulp.

That’ll be the new normal.

But only the beginning. And a benign beginning at that.

After that, the Four Horsemen will teach cannibalism to the strong and psychopathic humans, how to take the best cuts and how to cook long pork so it’s tender.

They’ll teach the these brutish humans how to run slave camps and how to profit from the masses that they haven’t eaten. They’ll have breeding camps to produce ever more compliant slave classes.

It will be a dark and insidious new world run and managed by bickering and warlike groups of psychopaths…

… But wait, doesn’t that found familiar? Isn’t that merely a new version of the old world?

Nothing changes.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Hey, I'm Jimmy Lee. An author and entrepreneur. Books include Get Money, Bewitched, Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, The Unthinking Barbarians' Nine Rules For Life, Blood...

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