I am the dawning of salvations harmony, the written word of the ageless eye, the burning trees and the light everlasting, the kindred spirit of the enlightened one, the soul weaver of your most precious dreams.

Behold I am the traveler on the path of echoes, the rippled water within mother earth. I am the voice of wild ones.

The eye of the universe and the laughing mockery of the foolish. I am the untouched old man and the dark within the blinding light.

I am the enlightened voice of alchemy, the seeker on the path of the forest that speaks, trusting hands that heal.

I am the pendulum of the grim, the soul of destined times, the undisclosed voice of past lives, the mocking lie.

Look within the mists of scrying bowl. I seek the tear of harmony and find the past of voices lost long ago and future told. The everlasting love and sorrow of the forsaken old man standing at the gateway to another realm.

I am the unity and the chaos of the universal mind, the beauty of inner peace and the anarchy of darker times.

I am the freedom and the sacrifice, but also the judgement and redemption, the innocent light and the blinding darkness.

My fate is such that I am a healer, foreseer, the voice of the voiceless, the eyes of the universe, the knowledge of the ancient world. For I am the one that’s been foretold within folklore.

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