Forever lost in his darkness within the shadows of my mind he begins to play, lurking he takes his time gathering all that he will exploit in due time. 

Such a well spoken gentleman he is, each word dripping from his lips is the sweet nectar that heals my wounds each one he exposed for his own use.  

How I tremble to hear those words whispered in my ear he sows them deep within my mind “you’re mine”

 He is a master at his game, exposing every weakness I thought hid away. 

With just a slap of his hand he unleashes each demon I have kept at bay. 

Reigning down upon me his hell, and damnation! He consumes each entity within me, devouring them as his. 

I have become his slave, his prey feeding his every need. 

Locked, chained and bound his demons feed, he becomes my master of fate, the gatekeeper to my soul that he now owns. 

I yearn for him to make me his own devouring every part of my body, soul and mind, he becomes my breath of life. 

Breathing life back into my hollow shell,  I have embraced the darkness you call hell my demons neal before yours!  

My demons whimper as he nears me. I am now his slave, our vows he has engraved, each word above my cage. 

I submit to my master of fate I kneel before you

My saving grace.

My saving grace

©PODA 2017

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  1. Great flow of descriptive word play. It reads like a tireless soul confession between salvation and damniaton.

    1. Thank you Maria Lucas. Truly means a lot to me to hear your thoughts. Much love DA

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