Your words flowed so softly upon my lips, tumbling down and deep within, they bound me, and wrapped me tightly in you grip.

You now hold my heart within your hand, for now I am bound by the words you have spoken.

Your voice a sweet melody sung gently to my heart, words of our covenant sworn never to part.

I vow to be your lover and forsake all others.

My heart aches with your passionate words. I am bound forever in time and distance to forsake it all to be in your arms.

A slave to my master of fate.

Passion burns, with deep desires, for your hands to know the hidden secrets of my body.

I long for the day you to weave the words of your untold song ,to feel your body against mine. To be lost in your world.

You have become my addiction. I bathe in the lust we have, for you are my religion my savior that holds the keys to my soul.

As our passion unfolds I feel your presence upon me tangling me in your embrace.

I take you in, my heart races with your appetite to feed your inner fire that burns.

I yearn for the sensation to dance the dance of lovers under the veil of night.

To reveal all that has been hidden inside. For you are my master of all my dark desires.

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