As light turns to night I feel him calling, darkness he spills the lands with his shroud.

The angel of death is near, I feel his presence hovering above me, calling me. knock knock knocking on my soul, asking me to let go.

I hear, “Oh the sweet release you will feel upon your soul as I quench my thirst”

I feel the thrust of his black hands grab my soul sucking each drop from me feeding his need to reap all within.

Now my story begins… Flashing in front of my eyes everything within my soul begins to tip the scales he holds, his judgement is laid before me, in the presence of all to see.

All within unfolds all my sin I bare as tears run down my face, my entire life flashes before me.

In his hand he holds my cup. His eyes seem stare straight through me unlocking everything with in

For each tear, I shed I fear, past memories, even the ones I kept locked away.

“Oh they’ve waited for this day my demons eagerly awaiting to feed upon you my little prey.”

I beg to hold on to the sweet memories for those will comfort me.

His eyes glowing with such a wicked grin my cup runneth over.

He takes my hand taking me into the shadows of death.

Across the river of souls past each one their eyes pleading for just a drop of sweat of my brow.

Under the shade of his black shroud.

He knocks… knocking on my soul, in the distance I can hear the calling of the crow singing the angel of death’s song.

He leans in and says.

It’s time now to sing your own death’s song…

He holds my soul within his shroud.

Knocking upon my soul.

I let go.

Will it be a sweet release or will it be demons feeding upon me gorging themselves like gluttons at a feast…

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