When the succubus enters your dreams, there is no going back. Her vampire nature will change you until you are no longer human.

If you resist, she will feed upon you until you are lifeless. Instead, let her take you, let her overwhelm you, let her reach your very soul. Let her feast on your pain and heal you.

Thus shall you be transformed. Thus shall you become an ancient one, a Nosferatu.

Both curse and ecstasy, you will now walk the Earth seeking your own prey to feed upon.

Now the outcast, your wander the desolate wastes, and you learn how to live and operate in normal society. Nobody will see what you are until it’s too late, until you strike.

But you always know you are different… You will hide your nature. Some will see the cruel glint in your eye. But the curse also brings remorse for the pain you inflict.

Yet it is your nature, just as it is for other predators. But it is always a heavy cross to bear.

Sweet Nosferatu, how did this journey begin? When the succubus entered my dreams as a young boy. When I was taken to the halls of obsidian ecstasy and I became what I am… what I shall always be.

Jimmy Lee Shreeve

Hey, I'm Jimmy Lee. An author and entrepreneur. Books include Get Money, Bewitched, Human Sacrifice, Cannibals, Doktor Snake’s Voodoo Spellbook, The Unthinking Barbarians' Nine Rules For Life, Blood...

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